Returning to work after triplets – A mum’s story | by Laura Donegan 

Roy and I have always worked as a team and for the first 16 weeks after our triplets (@london_triplets) were born in June 2019 we did just that. Roy shared my maternity leave, but as his return to work loomed I worried about being on my own and coping with 3 babies.

Multiple Milestones helped both of us prepare for this milestone. We were advised to both spend time on our with the triplets, building up from an hour to a whole day. This built our confidence and when Roy went back to work, although nervous, I felt that I could and would manage. I had to!

My main worry was that all babies would cry at the same time whilst I was on my own with them and I wouldn’t know which one to deal with, only having one pair of hands. More so that if I actually left the house with all three, and they all cried in public then people would somehow judge me.

I am also quite a private and self-sufficient person and felt that if I went out with the children then people would stare, comment and maybe doubt my ability as a mother.

It’s strange though, over time you start to know your own children and with this your confidence builds. I’m incredibly proud to be a mother of triplets and receive so many lovely encouraging comments, sometimes from complete strangers which really boost me.

At first when Roy returned to work I remember thinking I just needed to get through the day on my own, inside, and it would be fine. I had no want to go outside with the trio.

I did do this for a while and was quite happy at home as we had recently moved house, so when the children slept I had plenty to keep me busy, with emptying boxes etc.

However, after time I wanted to get out even if just for a walk. I decided one day to just go out for half an hour and if the children all cried I could just go home. They didn’t and I felt great! I built up from this and began taking them to various baby groups (walking or driving) and friends’ houses.

Life with triplets is by no means perfect or easy. Sometimes there are times when the children have been grisly all day, they have hardly slept much, it is raining outside, I have had no time to myself and I just don’t feel like parenting anymore. However, I take a deep breath and remember how incredibly lucky we are to have had children. I love them to bits!

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