Part One | “Okay, I’ll tell you what I can see”


Sitting nervously on the sonographer’s bed with Matt by my side, we prayed and prayed that we were not going through an ectopic pregnancy. I’d suffered chronic pain for two weeks and convinced myself I was going to lose this baby. I was approximately 5 weeks pregnant.

Time stood still, and the sonographer scanned me in silence. I knew something wasn’t right. Finally, after what felt like hours  (but was probably only 20 minutes) she put down the internal scan wand and turned to me and Matt, “Okay, I’ll tell you what I can see…”.


Pregnant with Quads

Nothing could have ever prepared us for what she was about to say next, my whole world felt like it had caved in. She continued to say “I’ve found three, possibly four sacks but its too early to detect heartbeats” – I was pregnant with quads. I instantly cried, probably out of sheer fear. I kept telling myself that it’s not possible, no one can possibly carry four babies’ successfully, it’s just not safe. Then there’s my job, our other children, the car, house, not to mention what raising quads will cost!

My first reaction was certainly not a happy reaction, and my first words to Matt were, “Please don’t leave me”. I couldn’t bear the thought of doing this on my own. We held each other in disbelief, Matt even asked the nurses if this was some kind of joke? I cried with worry for two weeks… until my 7-week scan.

It’s amazing how fast maternal instincts kick in. My 7-week scan found all four heartbeats… QUADS! We were having quads. All my little beans had tiny little pulses. They were my babies, I placed my hand over my belly, and I knew I loved them all. All my worries were still there, non had changed but I knew I loved my babies.



My first meeting with my doctor took me by surprise. I don’t know what I expected but I certainly didn’t expect to be told off. I’d met this doctor a few times before, as he prescribed me clomid to help us conceive this pregnancy. I sat in his office while he told me, “This is not good news, and you should consider your options to terminate or reduce this pregnancy”.

Options? I never knew I had options, and for a split second this was music to my ears, all the worries and stress could be gone. My life could remain ‘normal’. But straight away I snapped into protective mother mode. Absolutely no way was I going to terminate or reduce this pregnancy.

Mother nature put them there and I was not going to stand in her way. How dare he even suggest I terminate this pregnancy when I’ve tried to get pregnant for so long. The doctor warned me too expect all the worse possibilities, prematurity, mental/ physical health issues, tiny poorly babies, death! I was petrified, but I stood by my decision.

I was referred to a larger hospital who had experience with higher order multiple pregnancies.

Pregnant with Quads


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