About us

Multiple Milestones is a charity set up by multiple parents who understand what it’s like to truly have your hands (and heart) full. With direct experience of the challenges and delights of caring for more than one baby at a time, we recognise the need for information, understanding and support.

We’re committed to improving the lives and outcomes of higher order multiples and their families. Whether it’s the answers you need to solve those urgent problems (from sleep to behaviour) or the support from others who’ve been there before (and lived to tell the tale). We also provide a much-needed extra pair of hands and dedicated at home support for those that need it most.


Our Aims


We want to equip the caregivers of higher order multiples with the parenting skills, techniques and confidence to prevent isolation, promote independence and improve wellbeing.

Our Aims


We want to prevent and reduce the impact of prematurity, developmental delays and insufficient access to resources by creating an equal platform for higher order multiples and their caregivers.

Our Aims


We want to facilitate medical referrals, community partnerships and associated collaborations to build sustainable support networks for the families and caregivers with higher order multiples.

Our Aims


We want to raise awareness of the challenges faced by higher order multiples and their families, advocating the need for comprehensive, specialist support services and driving positive change for the future.

Our Aims


We hope to provide fundamental statistics and monitoring data relating specifically to higher order multiples to assist with future planning, funding and service provision on a national level.

Our Aims


We want to provide dedicated, specialist bereavement support following the loss of one or more babies during higher order multiple pregnancies, at birth or at any point afterwards.

Access our Services

Register for our at-home support, befriending services and the information resources we provide.

Our History

Multiple Milestones was first established as a community group in Stockport, Manchester in September 2016 by a team of multiple parents. We provided advice on parenting techniques, facilitated information sharing, organised social activities and grew an online support network. Our understanding of the challenges faced by multiple families meant that we experienced increasing requests from triplet and quad families in need of additional support.


By 2018, Multiple Milestones was working with a handful of families across the UK to provide dedicated support to higher order multiples, remotely and in person. With effective fundraising and external funding, we were able to develop a structured programme of support services that could be delivered on a national basis. Today we have a team of dedicated trustees, qualified professionals and passionate volunteers who make a difference to the families of higher order multiples every day.


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